Monster Hunter movie pulled from theaters in China over racist

Monster Hunter movie pulled from theaters in China over racist
The long wait for the premiere of the Monster Hunter movie ended on December 4, but not in the whole world. The film premiered in theaters in China and the United Kingdom, accompanied by a new event for the video game Monster Hunter yahoo World: Iceborne in which we were able to control the character of Milla Jovovich.

But things did not go as planned. We are not referring to negative reviews or low ratings. Monster Hunter movie, was pulled from theaters in China just one day after it was released.

The reason? A scene from the movie in which the characters make a reference to the song “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at this.” These lyrics, which we have also heard in movies like Violencia Diabólica (The Devil’s Rejects) are considered a racist joke that mocks the appearance of Asian people.

Despite the fact that the Chinese subtitles ignored the joke and changed it to the phrase “he has gold below his knees” (a Chinese idiom), viewers noticed what they were really saying. The video of the scene went viral on social networks. It was so controversial that players began flooding Steam with negative reviews of the game Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in response.

Capcom issued a statement in Chinese, clarifying that they are not the producers of the film and that they are investigating the situation. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter was pulled from theaters across China. We do not know if he will return. This is a great loss for Sony Pictures, as this is the largest film market in the world.

This case is reminiscent of Devotion. This game that was withdrawn from digital stores because of a joke in which they made fun of the president of China. It has not been available again.

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